Cafe Rosita Coffee House (Dynasty Hotel)

Name: Cafe Rosita Coffee House (Dynasty Hotel)
Location: Town

Food type: Chinese, Malay, Western, Halal

Operating time:
What's special?: Great buffet and A La Carte
Reservation: 085-421111 (ask for line divertion to Cafe Rosita)
Price range: Varies from food ordered

If you think that food served within hotels are usually expensive, may this place change your point of view. Serving great range of A La Carte, Western, Malay, Chinese cuisine and of course not to forget their buffet which has great varieties of choice for you. Servings are bigger than you can imagine and for the price it is worth it. Situated at Dnasty Hotel which is in town near the Police Station and next door to Ranhill Worley office.

Fruit Punch

Steamed Rice

Steamed Chicken

Sauces for steamed chicken

Garlic Bread

Chicken pieces with dried chillis and almond flakes (forgot the exact name)

Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup

Beef Burger


RWP said...

hi there. how r u doing bro.
i heard for years that there's a yummy "mee-udang" in bekenu by the sea. they said it's rm7 per-bowl, with lots of big prawns and spicy. very popular among the miri-airport taxi drivers.

dasolve said...

ya i have covered it a while ago, have a look at Bekenu section :)

welcome for more comments

EstherHuiLee said...

Strongly recommended their Fish head mihun and chicken rice. Thumbs up!

helen said...

When i think to eat buffet...I must o ther eat de!! but b4 de buffet nicer lo i thk..nw de ar..lose a bit.

Anonymous said...

Worth place to dine or for buffet.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I was asking around prices per person for buffet. It would be nice if you know the price. May I know the price?