is one year old!!!

Wow, it has been one year since i started this project. From just one man show to 5 in a team. From 1 food hunting place to countless places now. From Miri to Brunei and Bekenu now. Most important of all is, from 1 hit to more than 30,000 hits!

Of course all these achievements are not possible without the great work from my team and the great supports from family, friends and relatives who constantly suggest and comment to make the site better. Not to forget the co-operation for some shops who work with me in making their food business to be better.

Since the beginning of this project, thousands of Ringgit has been spent to get this project ongoing (Car stickers, stall stickers, banner, souvenirs, camera and equipments, domain, stationaries). Everything you see on this site is we go to the shop, we shoot photos, we eat and we pay, all are mostly done in the best possible way that no food are specially prepared for us. Reason is very simple: Photos taken for each dish should be same or similar to anyone who orders the same.

What's next? There's plenty of rooms for improvement. There's plan to upgrade the website to be more user-friendly, organizing more activities if possible so that everyone got the chance to meet the team and share your passion and places to eat.

Anyhow to cut things short, i hope every reader can continue in supporting us to serve you better. If you are food business owner, please let us know about your place and introduce us what you have to offer to everyone in Miri. We will do our job from there on with our best possible way.


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Irenelim said...

I think finally you are getting popular, even Sin Chew interviewed you. Well done, money well spent! I am sure you like the food you tried too! :)