Marry Brown, Secret Recipe, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee @ Bintang Megamall!

So far we have 3 new places to dine in.

Marry Brown is back to Miri and serve us with their range range of fast food. Used to be at the main building next to Giant. Great design and environment.

Secret Recipe is continuing its growth by opening their second branch in Miri. They offer as always what they are best at: Cakes! and of course their A La Carte meals as well.

This is big, Big Apple is in Miri which many Mirians has been long waiting. There are more than 20 flavours in store and many of us will sure want to try them all very soon.

All in one location: Bintang Mall. Get your car keys now!


PaMiLo^^ said...

I spotted my mom n my bro in the photos..

dasolve said...



Anonymous said...

secret recipe service and cakes too shit!wait more than 1hr but they not provide any foods at the end...even the drinks need to remind the workers many times...don knw what are they busy with....never go there again...u can try to there if u like take adventure...

helen said...

marrybrown ar..kL d nicer oh i promotion then i jz go..secret recipe haven go lar..Big apple donut.1ST day opening then jiu go ther rampas le lar..haha..