e Tea House

Name: e Tea House
Location: Pujut
(Now at the same row where GK supermarket at Pujut 3 is)
Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Hand Made Noodle
Reservation: TBC
Price range: Less than RM5

There's a shop in Pujut 6 where it sells nice hand made noodles which sold out quite early in the morning. The texture is definitely different from what you normally have in most places where this is hand made whereas many of them are factory made. The bouncy sensation on the noodles is great to go along with their flavouring. Want to have this? Better be early.


dasolve said...

Comments welcome.

Unknown said...

hi there,
i notice makanmaniacs do not cover franchise food? i've just been to this 'Taste Better' @ Bintang Mega Mall, bought their 'durian puffs' & as I am a durian lover, i find them delicious. I've made some reviews of it on my blog on last Tuesday post. Do visit when you have time. Cheerio.

Soul Hart said...

Yup. Whenever I was there, I always asked for either their handmade noodle or the tapah fish cao chai hong ngan. You'll definitely love it!

Anonymous said...

where is tat place? near to where to? any map?