K.City Seafood Center

Name: K.City Seafood Center
Location: Bintang

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Varieties of A La Carte
Reservation: TBC
Price range: Less than RM5 for most dishes

Located at Bintang area same row as Thien Sin Sea Food Center, serving great varieties of A La Carte dishes to suit your appetite. I myself found it hard to get many shops serving Mango Chicken with rice in Miri. You can order other flavours of your liking such as black pepper or lemon. Don't like rice dishes? Go for others like Kueh Tiaw, Noodles or Bee Hoon with different style of cooking as well. I am not sure if they are serving dinners as well but will try and find out for you all soon.


Lisa said...

Yes. They do open at night. Their food is nice.

lasapka said...

you did not order and shot their famour deep fried cheese stick.

dasolve said...

Oh ok... did not know that

welcome for more comments

Utterly Frustrated said...

i love this place!
i am such a regular even the lady can correctly guess what drinks i order upon seeing my face :D

this place serves really good stuff! recommended dishes are:

-Dried Butter Chicken
-Clam (si ham) Fried Kueh Tiao
-Bittergourd w /egg & chaipoh

i've tried most of the stuff on their breakfast/lunch/dinner menu and i daresay i've never complained even once.

their breakfast laksa is pretty good too btw :D

helen said...

NICE!!! I love their Fied butter chicken~~damn nice de..wif d soup!! WOW~Worth to have lunch or dinner ther! trust me..