Long Kee Charcoal Roasted

Name: Long Kee Charcoal Roasted
Location: Piasau

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Charcoal roasted food
Reservation: TBC
Price range: Varies from portion ordered. Normal portion from RM4 (June 09 price)

It is quite common for many of us having roasted dishes around Miri but have you ever try charcoal roasted instead? Situated at the shoplot within piasau resident area, you can get to enjoy roasted chicken in different style. Rice are flavoured when served and chicken are nicely done. Same goes to their char siew which is less in fat and their crispy roasted pork. You can try their roasted duck as well if you prefer duck over chicken.


dasolve said...

Up for comments :)

In case someone ask, i will try to draw the map.

Anonymous said...

yea .. mind to draw the map ?? tq ~

all3 said...

yes..map please. Seems like most of the food place shown here does not have maps. We would appreciate if all comes with a map or at least a famous landmark. Tq

dasolve said...


yes i do have a plan to draw all the shops by area such as Pelita, Krokop, SAberkas and so on. It will take time to draw and compile them together. Please bare with me :)

Unknown said...

looks delicious.

Yvonne said...

which part of piasau? d wantan mee row? or the row facing the main road?

dasolve said...

same row as wonton mee :)