Name: Nagaliar
Location: Town

Food type: Malay, Halal

Operating time:
What's special?: Nasi Lemak
Reservation: No
Price range: Less than RM5

Located at the same row as Halo Cafe which is just opposite Imperial Mall, this is the shop which they are good at their own version of nasi lemak with the price of less than RM5. Portion wise is good for normal appetizer and the taste is still ok. Instead of boiled eggs, they are using fried eggs which are cut into half. For nasi lemak lover, give it a try and tell me what you think.


william chong said...

This 1 must try!!! If u love nasi lemak~ ^^

DabianTsin said...

yup~ i think every1 knew it..
its nasi lemak is the most popular among the others in miri~

Anonymous said...

yes, this nasi lemak is very popular LAST TIME, now this nasi lemak's chicken is getting small & small, price expensive... dun want to go this shop anymore!

the attitude of taukee nia is kanasai!!!

Anonymous said...

well, used to love it too.
but, the last few times i went which was more than a year ago, the chickens somehow had blood in them, something that i seriously hate.
wonder if the situation had improved.
mind updating me?

Anonymous said...

i think d attitide of 'tauke nian' really need to improve...need more respect customers..x need show her 'black face' d foods nice..hehe

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

EstherHuiLee said...

It's quite famous in Miri. But the price increase and the portion of foods was less and less than last time.

Always been there, full house. The attitude of lady boss still ok wor..

helen said...

nasi lemak!! haha..v pedas er..! cant tahan..but v tasty lar..

Anonymous said...

eh, its not halal la...last time i went there, they served pork wor..