Tak Seng Coffee Shop

Name: Tak Seng Coffee Shop
Location: Pujut

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time:
What's special?: Marinated Pork Noodle, Claypot noodle
Reservation: No
Price range: Less than RM5

Situated at the shop lot on the left towards Pujut 7 bridge which leads you to Permyjaya, there's this corner coffee shop where people may stop over for a simple meal. It may not be the best coffee shop in that area but they do serve claypot noodles and stewed pork noodles which are among the favourite. The goodness about this is the sincere amount of pork they give for each serve with the price that is still reasonable. You can give it a try on their Mixed pork noodle soup which i like because of the great ginger aroma and spice goes along with the pork and the noodle. Opens for breakfast and lunch.


dasolve said...

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helen said...

wahahah...d kolok mee quite big portion d.went ther once only..after jogging..BUT their drinks ar...wan vomit..no taste at all..my frens ar those witnesses!!