Wang Sing Cafe

Name: Wang Sing Cafe
Location: Waterfront

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time:
10am - 2pm, 5pm - 11pm, Mon - Sun. Close on Thursday every fortnightly (once every 2 weeks)
What's special?: Good Foo Chow dishes in great price
Reservation: 085-417177
Price range: Varies from food ordered

Looking for another places for a budget meal in town, this is probably the place you might want to drop by. Serving great range of foo-chow dishes of your choice with reasonable price: from meat to vegetables and seafood. You can have their range of meat and vegetables cooked in different flavours such as sweet and sour, salad style, nestum style, and more. Serving size is just nice and service is not too bad considering the fact it is mostly crowded most of the time. Definitely this is one of the favourite dining place for most Mirians who are looking forward in having a simple and nice dinner with their families and friends. It is easy to find as it is just opposite See Hua Daily News office and Office-In-Motion office.


Anonymous said...

Anyone food lovers outthere, do anyone knows wat is wang Sing Cafe telephone no. there? i needs reservations overthere!

pls provided me with their phone no.! thanks!email me at

dasolve said...

Updated with phone number! :D

Just back from getting the number directly from their shop! :P

Remember to tell them where they know about their numbers ya :D

Anonymous said...

jst went there last night.. my family loves to have dinner there too... their butter prawn/crab is awesome! must try :)


dasolve said...

hahah good to hear that :)

Anonymous said...

d service is gd...they can serve d foods very fast...x need wait too long...i like..=)

EstherHuiLee said...

Can try their "hokkien fried mee" and their steam crabs..

Very nice :) I like it.

No need wait for so long time for the foods even lots peoples.

Anonymous said...

ya..thr food very nice.i oweys go thr eat.price oso reasonable..

helen said...

ever go many years ago.if nt wrong..they said their dishes ar nt bad n oso d cheapest??