Lam's Mee Stall

Name: Lam's Mee Stall
Location: Town

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time: Morning only (TBC)

What's special?: Cantonese Kolok Mee
Reservation: No
Price range: Less than RM5

Known by many as the founder of Cantonese Noodle in Miri. Situated just opposite Miri Old Market where there is a row of stalls selling different kind of food. I was even told by many where their noodles are made by themselves which is fresh and taste different from most places who used processed noodles. Price is now standard to most place as of July 2009, which is RM2.50. The char siew they used are fresh as well and prepared by the old man which i believe he might be the one who revolutionize this noodles. I like their taste personally. Of course, parking might be an issue as it is hard to find car parks around there. If you want to try this noodle, another option is you can go to their another shop which is operated by their next generation (Lam's Noodle House) situated at Pelita.


dasolve said...

Comments are welcome

Anonymous said...

their wan tan soup oso nice..slurpp.. btwn pelita which area?

Unknown said...

Can u be more specified with the location ?

dasolve said...

hi Kelvin,

It is hard to put into words but if you look at the map from the link below, it is across the street on the right of Miri Old Market.

helen said...

d mee v nice n special..yumyum..wnt wait too long on the food too..
but d mee a bit small plate lorr..if 4 guys sure nt enuf ler..

Anonymous said...

the best kolo mee i've tried! superb superb! nice nice! but tapao not that nice.. cos too dry le. must eat there then only can taste the delicious-ness! yum! yum!