Rainforest Cafe

Name: Rainforest Cafe
Location: Town

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time: 7am - 12 midnight

What's special?: Varieties of asian food
Reservation: 085-426967
Price range: Less than RM10 and varies from food ordered

Situated in town which is just opposite Siamese Secret and below Pacific Oriental Hotel (correct me if i am wrong). This is the place which in my opinion serve quite a great range of cuisines and dishes ranging from chicken and pork to exotic food as well such as softshell turtle. This place has given me great impression for their crispy pata when i was there for the first time. Price wise are reasonable as i paid around RM150 for 7 when i was there with all the food seen on the photos. Environment wise you get the chance to be either in air-con room or outdoor. If you are thinking of going there and dine, either you make an early reservation or go there early as parking might be an issue over there.


dasolve said...

Up for comments

william chong said...

Wah hungry now~ its look nice~^^

all3 said...

It's the best I've found so far that comes with air-con. Even my S'porean's friends give their thumbs up.
Their salted-egg crabs is simply delicious.
Price is very reasonable and quite cheap compare to some other places, in comparison to their food.

helen said...

i dun like the place..coz i ever ate dao a bug inside d food..yuksss..nt hygenic at all..nth special oso...no chops served oso..