Your Say: MM goes towards Critics or informative?

Dear readers,

This site has gotten great attention in terms of the direction and future journey for MM whether it is served as information site, or turn it into critics. There are pros and cons for each direction which i do not want to make it public here and would like to hear from you all what do you think. Remember, maybe many of you have compared this site with those done in KL and Kuching but then again Miri are still way behind in comparing with both cities. Anyhow, please drop me a comment on this and really wish to hear from you all.

Also note that either direction, especially critics, will have lots of hatred and possible damage towards food industry in a way. And it will cost a lot of money to sustain this project. So please rank considerably on the poll i have set up.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



dasolve said...

open for comments.

Soul Hart said...

My opinion is that MM should stand out as a website that provide information on where to find food in Miri, what's new in Miri, the budget range and what sort of menu they're serving. That's all. End of story.

Stay neutral. Which mean you don't make any comment on the foods / products they served. That will save you lot of headache. If you start to comment on the taste, quality, services, freshness, etc.. then by all mean, be fair and be ready to give critics and get criticized.

As we all know, nothing is perfect in this world and certainly, not all Miri's eatery served great food!

Cheers bro.

Anonymous said...

Yes, providing information is good. Critic is bad for the eateries in Miri as well as it's bad for your website. You'll receive a lot of hate mail etc etc. so, make life easier for yourself, and the eateries in Miri. :)

complicated said...

If want to go bold, be a critic. If want to stay normal, be a neutral promoter. There are pros and cons. For me, I would like to know the real taste of food they offered. It is not enough to know just the restaurant. Usually this site will be used as a reference to bring tourist friends to go for food and I don't get the chance to taste all meals. At least I will have a general idea of the taste, to make it easier to decide which place to go for food. Just a free thought from me.

Anonymous said...

i go for critics. i dont like website that just say good things about the food even though the food is not nice actually. You can give critics which is not that hurtful such as "it tastes ok only" instead of saying "it tastes bad". I also hope that prices of the food can be listed out.

Matt said...

Hi dasolve,

I just want to ask to what extent do you believe you can judge how good food is? Are you a qualified chef, or just a normal citizen like me who loves food?

What i mean is that maybe you do not have the culinary knowledge to fully judge the eateries of this beautiful city called Miri.
For example: i think i read in one of your reviews that you do not eat beef. Therefore how can you judge a good beef noodle?

Just some food for thought, mate...

dasolve said...

Thanks for all teh reply so far.

Matt, you have my point and that is why i do not have a stand point to comment anything about their quality. That is not even the intention to rate anything as 1. I am not professional and 2. I have no rights to comment. But what i do have the rights is to provide information to everyone, you all decide what is good or bad. I believe if i comment based on my opinion, i will be backfire lots more than now, which in the end i might as well stop doing this and let someone else doing it. I am doing this from my pocket money so far and thousands of dollars have been spent on this.

Minor rating is still acceptable by cleanliness, environment, price, taste and so on. Extreme critics will not work in my opinion, maybe i am wrong but i can never do that.

Anyhow would love to see more comments from others.

Anonymous said...

Your website is good and provide informative overview of the eateries in Miri. Comments and critics are good where it help you to improve further on the weaknesses or something that you might have overlooked when providing information about foods.

Everyone has their own preferences of food, so we cannot please everyone. Just be fair.

Anonymous said...

First of all you need to define what is critics and what is neutral. A statement like "The food is ok" may sound like critics to some but may sound neutral to others.
To me, I'd prefer if your website goes for neutral, because I don't think you're qualified to describe or explain food detailed enough compared to many other food shows or articles.