Airy Cafe

Name: Airy Cafe
Location: Boulevard

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Hakka food
Reservation: 085-414998
Price range: A La Carte average RM6, dishes varies from prices

Many may have known this place as a normal Kopitiam in Miri where a lot of customers used to go there and had a break. Now it has been renovated and it is now air-con based. Situated at Boulevard area which serve great range of Hakka food especially for the weekends. Environment has improved a lot and comfortable to dine in. Price for a la carte is reasonable with its serving size. I personally think their dishes based price are a bit high but then again the ingredient used might be the reason behind it. They also offer quite a great range of food for you to choose for their economy rice which is served differently from other shops.


dasolve said...

Up for comments

RWP said...

been here. so far no bad experience. the food is ok.

Anonymous said...

Nice Windy "Airy" place to hang out. Try the Ice Blended Chocolate.. Its nice.

Anonymous said...

Food is not bad & price reasonable too, but very slow in serving if u r very hungry, CANT WAIT!

Anonymous said...

food and price is ok but PORTION is not ok! i ordered butter milk chicken and they gave me 3 or 4 pieces ONLY!!! imagine u have only 3 or 4 pieces of small chicken meat and u have to finish it with a bowl of rice. GOD DAMN IT. FUCK you airy cafe!