Kok Chee Restaurant

Name: Kok Chee Restaurant
Location: Town

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Great food, reasonable price
Reservation: 085-433814/433658
Price range: Varies from food ordered

Welcome to one of the oldest restaurant in Miri. I still remembered well where this place used to be one of the best spot for wedding occassions. Situated next to Miri main bus terminal in town. Serving great range of food which suits your occassion varies from wedding, small scale parties, or even a great place to dine with your friends, families and relatives. Some of their famous dishes are their suckling pig which is among the favourite for many frequent customers. What i do find it interesting is their winter melon soup which uses winter melon stuff with all the great ingredients and steamed in high heat. Great taste with great presentation indeed. Environment wise is quite good as it is nice and cool in there and not too crowded when it is full house. Price wise i think it is fair as it is fully dependant on the fod you plan to order. Note that some of the foos such as suckling pig may need to pre-order earlier.


dasolve said...

Up for comments

helen said...

the food jz ok..nice! but i dun really like some of their services.. v rude!!

Superman said...

I stayed at that hotel for a week last time. The food is really not bad but the feel of the restaurant is really like the 80's.

Anonymous said...

Although the restaurant rather old, the foods there are the best among all the fancy restaurants here in Miri. Older folks will usually give good recommendations for this place unlike other restaurants during the wedding receptions.
I had my wedding reception here almost 2 years ago now, the service are excellent.

Anonymous said...

have a luk at "tasty point II" which was taken over by Kok Chee boss's... the economy food are quiet good...

lasapka said...

why dont you also name the dishes for us here?

Unknown said...

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