Annie's Little Kitchen

Name: Annie's Little Kitchen
Location: Piasau

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal (to be confirmed)

Operating time: Mon - Sat 10:30am - 2pm, 5:30pm - 9pm

What's special?: Food in home made style with no MSG
Reservation: 0128041868
Price range: Less than RM10

Many Mirian may have known this shop back to Lutong Baru and later stage they moved to Senadin. Now they are located just behind Miri City Food Court. This is the place where many may have the feel like home as the meal which are served are in quality despite the price for some may be a bit high. Food ranging are varies from lasagna to Eastern cuisine. Taste wise is not too bad for some. In environment point of view i think it is nice and comfy. Overall, i am still looking forward to taste something which i had tried before back in Lutong Baru area. Hopefully we will see it back on the menu so that everyone can enjoy them.


dasolve said...

comments welcome

Anonymous said...

portion too little, price too high..

its just a home cook food...

please do not overrate yourself

Anonymous said...

the macaroni is abit weird... it said wif beef stew.. but it come out to be chicken.. the price abit expensive..

Anonymous said...

the price is too high..
service is too slow..
and the food is so so.
i order lamb chop but come out is stewed lamb... weird!

Anonymous said...

All the while I would like to try it out.. but I heard that the curry chick for 1 portion cost RM 18, maybe it's really super nice but I would rather spend 18 for 3 "okok" curry rice..

Anonymous said...

I agree that the food is way too expensive. And they should improve on their service. Too long waiting time.

Anonymous said...

yes, the food is way too expensive. Service very slow. I went there 3 times after that run like hell. Portion getting less each day.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking to bring my friend over but seeing all the above comments, I'll probably change my mind. That's so not good to know.

Unknown said...

Posting anonymously should not be taken seriously. There are many weird comments which are very weird in itself. Macaroni served with chicken has never been ALK menu. Curry Chicken not curry chick was never price at RM18 it is RM8 at that time. Price high is because the food is fresh ALK don't buy those on offer. Beef and lamb are either new Zealand or Australia no India meat. ALK don't use recycle cooking. We don't use instant sauce(contain ton of MSG and enhancers) to save cost. ALK sauces are homemade from fresh ingredients.
ALK has been operating for 8 years and its goal is to provide food lovers an avenue for healthy food which is why ALK carries the motto HEALTHY LIVING. ALK is no ordinary coffee-shop. ALK is air-con and the place is always kept clean not like any coffee-shop out there.
Slow service is due to insufficient workers due to ALK policy of employing Malaysian first, regretfully the local workers are a disappointment.
Quantity does not mean healthy so the reason for small portion. Anyway, ALK are not out to serve laborers.
ALK might have been visited by MM. But comments here are unfair as ALK is not given the chance to explain. Moreover, how many know the cost of food these days. Try checking out the price for a bottle of virgin olive oil.
Should you be served food not according to your order you have the right to reject and have it change. ALK find it weird why it is not so and what is the main agenda in posting such remarks.
Anyway, for those with bad experience with us I sincerely wish that you return, identify yourself and let us put thing right. If not than the posting within is slanderous.
For those genuine comments we thank you and apologize for all our shortcoming. ALK humbly request for another chance to serve you better.
Lastly, ALK wishes her customers to immediately rise any order that is not according to it menu there and than so that any mistake could be corrected to save an unhappy customer. Hiding behind a forum such as this, using anonymous name to comment is an action for the coward. Moreover, these few comments look like written by the same person.