Simply Eaton

Name: Simply Eaton
Location: Permyjaya

Food type: Malay, Western, Halal (to be confirmed)

Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Great food range
Reservation: TBC
Price range: Less than RM10 and varies from food ordered

Another great place for dining has been unrooted! Situated at Permyjaya area at the same row with Golden Pavilion. It is pretty much from Pujut 7 roundabout, go towards the bridge, go all the way down and you will see lot of shop on your left. The location of this shop is somewhere behind that shoplots which are facing the housing area.

So far the experience is where it is hard to know when they are opening. The time i was there they were only open at 7pm. But it is worth the wait as the food there in my opinion are nice and price are very reasonable. With a comfy environment for a small group for chat is just great. So i should say, give it a try and you may like it.

Nasi Lemak

Mee Jawa

Nasi Pattaya

Nasi Lelapan

Chicken Wing


dasolve said...

Open for comments

andrewleng said...

looks nice~

Anonymous said...

I think you tag the noodle dish wrongly, it's Mee Jawa, not Laksa...unless this shop serves their Laksa differently, but it sure lookd like Mee Jawa.

dasolve said...

ah thanks for pointed out the mistake. yes it is Mee Jawa actually. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice site, really sad when you told us that the aunty selling Kueh Chap at WTZ is not selling anymore, I loved her Kueh Chap....anyway, anyone taking over the stall???

Anonymous said...

Nasi Lemak Ayam Panggang.. The sambal is sweet, not nice.. The chicken taste so so.. The rice, perhaps I just dont like too much of santan.. In fact I would like to try out the chicken of your 1st picture, may I know what is that?

Anonymous said...

d environm romantic?

Anonymous said...

Do not recommend simply eaton, i have tried the "nasi lemak ayam kari" there, the chicken is like just take out from the fridge, it's cold. They need some improvements...