Maha Lada Curry House

Name: Maha Lada Curry House
Location: Boulevard
Food type: Chinese, TBC on Hala or non halal
Operating time: TBC
What's special?: Malay and Indian style food
Reservation: TBC
Price range: Based on food ordered

Another place which i remembered last time it is famous for their curry dishes. I am not sure about their curry range now. But the impression i have on this place is clean environment and their creativity in their servings. Have a look at the way they serve their Nasi Pattaya. Definitely put a smile on your face. They have quite a huge range to Roti Canai as well and taste wise, i let you the judges.


dasolve said...

Open for comments

Anonymous said...

Last year we used to go there often for the beef noodles, vietnamese noodles, nasi lemak.

Aradia said...

I've been there a few times. The food was not bad.

Fish said...

Love their rojak mee.