Permyjaya Food Centre

Name: Permyjaya Food Centre
Location: Permyjaya

Food type: Chinese, Non halal.

Operating time: 5am to 11pm, Monday to Sunday

What's special?: Laksa, handmade fish ball, dumpling, Asam Noynya fish
Reservation: 085 - 661068
Price range: Mostly around RM5, dishes mostly less than 20

Good news for residence who stay around Permyjaya, Tudan and Senadin. There no longer needed to travel far for a nice dine out as Permyjaya Food Centre is now open, serving you with a great range of food from breakfast all the way to dinner. Situated at Permyjaya Commercial Centre, at the direction of heading towards Brunei via Pujut 7 bridge direction. Some of the highlights from this place are their laksa with sincere amount of prawn and gravy, dumpling which are quite a spoonful in size and not to forgot their handmade fish ball that are made fresh.

Not to forget where lunch time are on business as well where you get the chance to enjoy economy rice with range of food to choose from.

You can have the choice of dinner over there such as RM15 per KG crabs, their signature dishes "Asam Noynya" fish and spare ribs in read wine. More photos related to their signature dishes are yet to be available but for the mean time, why not just go there straight and find it out yourself how good they are.


dasolve said...

Comments are welcome

『LèmÖñ』 said...

not bad for the environment,
many fans provided,and sun shade too~ (near my house area xD)
the laksa is in big bowl~
the mi kering also ok~

durian said...

"Deli Papa" has a stall at PermyJaya Food Centre. Nice 'roti-roti' available - roti cheese and also famous handmade Marudi Kueh Tiaw.

mIchelle Toh said...

my dad's shop~ =D