Ayam Penyet to your doorsteps in Miri!

Ever dream of how great if the food is coming to you instead of you go over for them? Dream is over. Here comes the reality! Now you can enjoy Ayam Penyet by delivery to you! How great it is eh :)

How the ordering works? Easy. Make sure you do the following:
1. Call/SMS 010 976 8082
2. For lunch ordering: Call/SMS before 10:00am, delivery starts from 11:00am
3. For dinner ordering: Call/SMS before 5:00pm, delivery starts from 6:45pm
4. Lunch and dinner ordering for weekdays, lunch only for Saturday, off on Sunday

While you are deciding on whether to make a call now, here are some sample of photos on the food you are about to order :)

Sambal and ulam

Drumstick Set (Rice + Sambal + Ulam)

Thigh Set (Rice + Sambal + Ulam)

Full Set (Drumstick/Thigh + Rice + Sambal + Ulam)

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Deliver to all kind of places? how about senadin? for example.