Golden Restaurant

Name: Golden Restaurant
Location: Town

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time: TBC

What's special?: fried chicken

Reservation: 085 - 416699

Price range: Based on food ordered

This is no doubt one of the famous restaurant back in the old days and still among the favourite for many Mirians. Situated at the corner where the traffic light located at the side of Yulan Plaza, the building that is covered with glass pretty much :). One of the old time favourite is no other than their fried chicken. The greatness of it is that it is crispy on the outside but remains tender and juicy for the meat. You may want to try some of their other great dishes such as the yam basket and cold platters. A great place for family and friends gathering, or even small scale wedding dinner will work :)


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Their fried chicken is a must have and has been a legend! Another dish certainly worth trying is suckling piglet. Very crispy and juicy! Highly Recommended!!