Sin Soon Chin Restaurant

Name: Sin Soon Chin Restaurant
Location: Boulevard

Food type: Chinese, (to confirm on serve no pork or halal or non halal status)

Operating time: TBC

What's special?:
butter milk prawn
Reservation: 085-414282

Price range: varies from dish ordered

Situated at Boulevard Commercial Centre, somewhere opposite Boulevard Shopping Mall. There's this restaurant has been known with some of the nice dishes. One of the dish i remember from there was Spare Ribs with Thousand Island Sauce but then again i am not sure this dish still available. What i am quite sure is they have this butter milk prawn which is nicely done. Unlike many places where it is too oily and wet, they have done it well with great aromatic flavour from the milk combination they fried. Worth a try.It is air conditioned place and suitable for small scale wedding dinner receptions. You can choose to ask them cook vegetarian dishes as well. Just ask the captain and you can tell them how you want it done.


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It's non halal
Their roasted chicken very famous!