Gathering Corner

Name: Gathering Corner
Location: Centre Point Phase 2

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time: TBC

What's special?:
Great range of sibu food
Reservation: No

Price range: Price varies from RM2.50 onwards (as of Sept 2010)

Located just opposite Suncity at Centre Point 2, this is the place you can find something which is a bit hard to find elsewhere in Miri as of this is posted. Featuring sibu style dishes! One of them is called Sibu "Kampua". In Miri we normally have kolok mee. Difference between Kampua and kolok mee is the noodle used and the ingredient added. Kampua used straight noodle while kolok mee used those curly type noodles. Something you might want to try it up. I personally tried the Sibu Lo Mee (Noodle in a bowl full of gravy). It is different from the West Malaysian version i had tried. Another eye opener for me is definitely no other than JingDu Dumpling! The taste reminds me of the ones i had back in overseas when i was studying for my degree. Price of RM5 you get 10 big dumplings. Worth the money in my opinion. A must try to see you like it or not. While waiting for all your lovely food, you want want to order something to eat first. Try the fried onion cake which is stuffed with luncheon meat i think. Quite special indeed. (Note price may change without further notice)


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清真/非清真: 非清真

食品01:诗诬干面 (推荐)


1。 饺子应该是用板面面皮。需杆薄些。
2。 掌握煮饺子时间。确定饺子熟透。
3。 用嫩姜。



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