The Summit Cafe

Name: The Summit Cafe
Location: Centre Point Phase 1

Food type: Kelabit
, Non-halal
Operating time: TBC on time, close Sunday

What's special?:
Great range of kelabit dishes
Reservation: No

Price range: varies from dish ordered

Situated at the row of shop which consist of two chinese coffee shop on your right hand side if you are using the way towards town area from centre point phase 2. It has been well known by many Mirians to enjoy some, i should say, Sarawakian delicacies? Featuring kelabit food which are quite different from many food you have probably dine with. Some of the specialties are pork belly cooked in dark soy sauce, some minced fish meat which is dry and fragrance (most importantly you don't feel it oily) and more. This is something i should mention as it was quite an eye opener for me when i first known this: Fried green chilli! Oh yes! No kidding. Dare to challenge for its spiciness? Another dish which i need to share with you all is no other than "Ayam Pansuh", which is actually chicken cooked in bamboo. It is actually cooked with one special ingredient which i still not sure the actual name of it, but it is important ingredient to make this dish so unique, very strong in smell which goes perfectly well with chicken. Without saying more, you go and try it up now!


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u should try these with the kelabit rice, wrapped in leaves. :)