Top 10 Grade A cleanliness eatery place in Miri

A new way by the MCC (I hope i am not wrong) to encourage eatery places in Miri to get clean and green. They have announced (based on United Daily News 1/10/2010) that they will reward the top 10 eatery place who scores Grade A in cleanliness by publishing it in their information leaflet.

Congratulations to the following top 10 eatery places (random order)

1. Kaya & Toast (Town)
Specialties: Kaya Toast, Nasi Lemak Special, Nasi Goreng Special, Ice Plum, Tea Lychee

2. Eve' Corner (Saberkas)
Specialties: Mee Bandung, Mee Jawa, Air Bandung

3. Banana Leaf (Centre Point 2)
Specialties: Fish Head Curry, Burung Puyuh Goreng, Lassi Plain & Fruit

4. Saloma Clasic (Permyjaya)
Specialites: Pan Toast, Roti Canai Beef, Cheese Thousand Island, Teh Tarik Ais

5. Muara Restaurant (Permyjaya)
Specialties: Pepessan Ikan, Tempe, Sambal, Bakso, Soto (Indonesia food)

6. 1 to 10 Food Centre (Centre Point 2)
Specialties: Asam Fish, BBQ

7. Arynn Glorious Cafe (Permyjaya)
Specialties: Mee Goreng, AGC Special, ABC

8. Restoran Azizur Rehman (Piasau)
Specialties: Nasi Briyani, Nasi Tandori, Garlic Nan, Potato Nan, Nasi Goreng Pataya

9. Ipoh White Coffee (Centre Point 2)
Specialties: Nasi Lemak Special, Curry Chicken Noodle, white coffee, coffee cincau

10. Ming Xin Cafe (hilltop?)
Specialties: Lamb with shrimp sauce, Deep fried oyster, Fried Oyster with egg


Anonymous said...

Are these places reviewed by

Anonymous said...

Banana Leaf? We encountered the most gruelling stuff before when having the lamb curry.....we all thought it's spices in the curry....which in fact it's a fly......

dasolve said...

Please note it is not reviewed by us. It is by the council i think :)

Anonymous said...

muara restaurant @ permy is 1 of the list?? hahaha

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that there is Saloma Classic at Permyjaya eventhough I stay at Permyjaya... mmmm I shld have jalan2 cari makan more around my own area now.

Anonymous said...

very bias, all halal restaurant....

Anonymous said...

Muara? wtf, i went there just now. the environment sucks. know what, the shop was full with mosquitoes and dunno-what-insects. its disgusting. and it was damn noisy. the karaoke or something beside muara. the environment totally sucks. i ordered 1 nasi lemak + 1 nasi lemak kosong. the sambal and egg were so damn cold, like just taken out from the refrigerator. and the nasi lemak kosong = nasi + sambal. without peanuts, without egg, without salted fish.
guess how much it costs?
RM5 for the normal nasi lemak is acceptable. BUT, RM5 for the NASI + SAMBAL is ridiculous!
when we asked the casher why RM5 for the plain rice and sambal? he said, with very rude tone, doesn't matter kosong or ayam, same. RM5. WITH REALLY RUDE TONE, like i dun have money to pay for it. wtf. i swear i am not going to this shop anymore.