Lake View Cafe+Restaurant (Special Hunt)

Name: Lake View Cafe+Restaurant

Location: Eastwood Valley, Miri By-Pass

Food type: Chinese, Western, halal

Operating time: 6:30am to 10pm

What's special?:
Fried Pan Lamb with Honey Sauce, Eastwood Laksa, Curry Chicken, Sarawak Fish Umai, Wok Fried Beef with Chinese style, Roasted Peking Duck, Roasted Crispy Chicken, Herbal Chicken, New York Strip, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Salmon Steak.
Reservation: 085-421010

Price range: From RM3.50++ to RM68++

Special thanks to Ms Then Yen Ling (Admin & Account Manager) and David Kong (Executive Manager) for the great hospitality and it is an honour to be invited and have some nice sharing and thoughts about food.

This Cafe actually situated at one of the Malaysia's Top 10 Golf Course: Eastwood Valley. The newly renovated cafe presents something new and exciting to all their customers. You can either enjoying your meal or tea time inside the cafe itself, or you can enjoy the nice scenery outdoor. Parking-wise definitely not an issue and of course no parking fees required. :)

Without further saying, there are some of the things you can get at Lake View Cafe+Restaurant:

Mango Chocolate Shortbreads - Nice and soft that easily melt in your mouth.

Tiramisu - Small but great tiramisu flavour for each spoon. Nicely balanced in flavours.

Banana Passion Fruit Mille-feuille - An interesting conbination of banana and passion fruit goes along very well with the pastry.

Oreos S'moreos - Pancake mixed with everyone's favourite Oreos, superb.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Black Pepper Sauce - One of the hottest selling sandwich with its attractive price and taste

Idaho Spud Cake - Specially made hash brown which makes you go ooo-la-la.

Ice-cream Sundae - The great companion for a hot sunny day.

Pan Fried Lamb with Honey Sauce - Signature dish which everyone likes to order. Soft and tender.

Wok Fried Beef with Chinese Style - one of the ideal way to have the beef prepared.


dasolve said...

open for comments

Anonymous said...

The portion seems really small.
(And preserved cherries.......)

Anonymous said...

I don't know any food outlets here in Miri that uses fresh cherries. If got, then must be really expensive.

My friends who go to Eastwood always say portion too big. Fried rice can feed two person. But in the picture I must look small.... but I know the plates are quite big there.