Ajisen Ramen

Name: Ajisen Ramen

Location: Boulevard
Food type: Japanese, Non-halal
Operating time: Monday - Friday (10:30am - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 10pm), Saturday (10:30am - 10:30pm) Sunday/Holiday (10:30am - 9:30pm)
What's special?: Ramen
Reservation: 085-432221
Website: http://www.facebook.com/AjisenMiri
Price range: Nothing more than RM20

The only one in East Malaysia so far! Welcome to the world of Ramen: Ajisen Ramen it is! Serving you quite a range of ramen in different flavours: from non spicy to volcanic level of spice. Not only it taste good, each bowl ramen served is just like a piece of art: colourful and attractive. If you have not been there before, give it a try. Although the price is at the high side, it is still a great bowl of ramen with full satisfaction nonetheless.

Kimuchi Ramen

Char Shu Ramen

Vegetable Ramen

Spicy Char Shu Ramen

Salmon Sushi


dasolve said...

open for comments

Anonymous said...

i think the location is boulevard??

dasolve said...

ah yes careless me :) Thanks for pointing it out. Changes done

Anonymous said...

This blog memang fail.That day i go eat the ah tao bak kut teh after seeing this blog.Picture so beautiful and "dasolve" say nice.After try it i think it is the worst fake bak kut teh ever.The soup taste mostly like kicap soup.Only bit of herbs.Even the meat also don't know why cook till like that not even bak kut teh meat.After eat also i almost got sore throat.Don't know what herb they put in the soup.Think maybe poison.
Worst thing i drive from one end of town to go morsjaya.Drive damn far for this lousy food.Dasolve next time please tell the truth.If food taste like shit please write it.Damn lousy your blog.Give wrong information one.Your england very powderful also.I salute you Dasolve.But you don't actually solve anything.You better change your name to "dacheat" or "dafake"

dasolve said...

dear anonymous. Don't you think you have commented at the wrong session? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

cannot win in forum now come here kacau other ppl blog? so weak...

Exam Result 2011 said...

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Lovecandy95 said...

Ajisen ramen seriously have delivery service? How far can they deliver thou? I've been there 2 times. they're Ramen are really awesome. Just that the "unique" spoon hahaha so big can't fit into my mouth.. have to cut a bit then can fit.. JKJK. It's very nice there.