Ajisen Ramen (Special Hunt)

It is a great honour and thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me to get the chance in meeting up the management and staffs. Thank you for the first-class hospitality throughout the session.

Ajisen Ramen Miri opened since 09/03/2011 and currently have 8 well-trained staffs including in the kitchen. As of 24/05/2011, they are currently having 10% discount with condition applies (http://www.makanmaniacs.com/2011/05/enjoy-10-off-at-ajisen-ramen-miri.html)
Visit their facebook for more information (
http://www.facebook.com/AjisenMiri) and the previous posting about Ajisen can be found here (http://www.makanmaniacs.com/2011/04/ajisen-ramen.html)

In case you might not know what is Ajisen Ramen, here are some of the short details about the place provided by them:

Ajisen Ramen was found at Kumamoto, Japan in 1968. Currently Ajisen Ramen already have 400 plus chain in worldwide, such as Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore (total of 19 chains), Japan (about 70 plus stores), Korea and United States (number not including China, China itself has 362 chains as of 2009, Shanghai itself has 86 chains). Ajisen Ramen targeted to open 1000 and above food chain worldwide. Ajisen Ramen is "World Ramen", and the slogan of Ajisen is "安心,安全,健康"

Ajisen's Secret...

There is something peculiar about Ajisen Ramen and it's all in the soup. Our Ramen's Tonkotsu soup can help to prevent aging!

The Japanese Society of Nutrition & Food Science announced in a general meeting, "The intake of collagen contained in the bones and cartilage, etc prevents aging," Collagen is a protein, mainly found in the skin, tendon, bone, cartilage and other connective tissues. This protein is the essence of life because it is easily makes up one third of the 60 trillion body cells. And our Tonkotsu soup has lots of collagen!

What is health without taste? A feature of Kumamoto Ramen is Senmiyu; a rich brown sauce that accompanies the fair Tonkotsu soup. Our unique culinary methods ensure that all the flavors are sealed into the sauce. In fact, we guarantee that your taste-buds will be bowled over by out Tonkotsu/Senmiyu combination!

Let's stay young the tasty way! Ajisen Ramen!
Without further saying, here are some of the great food Ajisen have to offer!

Chuka Wakame

Char Shu Salad

Grilled Salmon Head


Salmon Aburi Sushi

Salmon Cheese Maki

Pork Leg Dish

Bario Rice

Tom Yam Prawn Ramen

Valcano Char Shu Ramen

Curry Pork Ramen

California Tempura Maki

Green Tea Ice Cream


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