The Kampong Place

Name: The Kampong Place
Location: Piasau

Food type: Malay, Halal, Chinese

Operating time: 9am to 12 midnight, Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm on Sunday (Close on Monday)

What's special?: Kampua Mee Tauchu, Claypot Mushroom Chicken Rice, Nasi Ulam Ayam Kampung, Sup Tulang "Kampong"


Enquiry: walk in enquiry

 Now there's another place for you to choose to dine. This great place just located somewhere behind Seahorse Bistro that you wont missed it with relaxing environment. The place may look small for some but the choices are quite a lot which gives you a tough time to really try everything in a single visit. Nasi Ulam, one of the hightlight for this place, serve freshly upon ordered. with side dipping sauce of cincalok and belacan, definitely gives you option to decide how you want to eat it. Nasi lemak looks great for the price as well, something you may want to have in mind. Make it down as your next "to go and try" destination and discover the greatness of their special dishes. Of course as usual, comments are always welcome as you decide how great is the place, and the food of course.

Nasi Ulam

Nasi Lemak

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Unknown said...

I was desperately searching for a good dining option in the city. This seems perfect for me and my boyfriend. Thanks for sharing the pics and Nasi Ulam is really mouthwatering.