Special Hunt: Retro Cafe and Grill

Name: Retro Cafe and Grill
Location: Centre Point 2

Food type: Western, Non-halal

Operating time: 3pm - 11pm,
What's special?: Australian Concept Cuisine


Enquiry: 085-427796
Welcome to another Australian concept cuisine, the fusion way. SItuated at Centre Point 2 where the shaded alley is. The cafe gives you the feeling of back to the 70s, with photos of all time favourites over the walls. The environment is comfy and spacious, a great place to chill and relax. 

There are lot of choices ranging from salads, steaks, sandwiches, pasta and choice of meat ranging from chicken, lamb, pork, seafood and beef. One of the highlight is the old time favourite ice-cream called Marshmellows ice cream. Scooped with 3 different flavours with quite a sincere amount of marshmallows in between layers. I great way to cool you down during a hot sunny afternoon. Have a bowl of mushroom soup to go light. Creamy and full of mushroom. Craving for rice? How about beef baked rice? Big portion and lots of beef mince and cheese on top. Prices are reasonable so why not go over and give it a try?

Sirloin steak with red wine and mustard sauce

New Zealand Tenderloin Steak

Steak Burger

Stew Lamb Shank

Roast Lamb Leg

Fish and Chips

Cream of mushroom soup

Marshmallows Ice Cream

Beef baked rice


cync said...

Hello makanmaniacs! Nice to see your post once again. May I know how is the price range for this Retro Cafe is like? Thanks.

dasolve said...

Hi there, price range is really depending from the food your ordered. Price is reasonable for imported meat cuisine in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I went there with my family for a Xmas dinner, but to my horror, the service was bad. The waiter took our order wrongly. The food came only about an hour later. And worst of all, the food were over priced and badly prepared. It was the worst dinning experience I ever have!!

RETRO said...

Sorry, I am Kev, manager of Retro Cafe & Grill, for your information, Xmas was our 2nd day of SOFT OPENING. Our first day was on 24th Dec, Christmas Eve. So we expect to have such comment from customers also, i truly apologize to you, due to lack of kitchen crews. Because our chef is the only one who prepare all, assisted by two NEW kitchen helpers, that is why we SOFT OPEN, and not Grand Open. Soft opening is the trial session for an outlet to test their speed, services, quality, etc. Hope you understand. Thanks again i would say, with your critics above, we will look into the matter more seriously. Just to let you know, we are improving and everything goes smoother now, from the guidance from Retro Cafe & Grill's owner
(Chef) that has experience in kitchen for more than 20 years (he was once an apprentice from Swensen Singapore franchise), everything is getting better. Please tolerate. Thank you, dear customers.