What's hot!: My Kuali Penang White Laksa Mee

This instant noodle has been quite a heat in Miri for few months now, and it is still one of the top demand noodles in Miri with very limited places selling this. If it is on the shelf, it will not be there for long, at least for now.

Many may wonder like i am, what so special about  this noodle? Well let's open the packet and see what we got:

It contains a packet of laksa paste, one cream powder for the milky texture and one flavouring powder that goes along with the dried noodle. Laksa paste is definitely the star item in the packet. Now let's see if we have them all added into the pot and cook. This is what you get:

Just my personal opinion, for some it can be too strong in flavour, then you can add in more water and even another piece of dried noodle in so that you can serve it for 2 person. The taste is undoubtly quite good for instant point of view. To some people they might prefer to go for something freshly available around such as Kuching Laksa or Sarawak Laksa. Great news for anyone who are at overseas though. This is definitely the best way to satisfy your crave on laksa.

Price at the moment selling in Miri are quite expensive in comparison with the price in West Malaysia. But then again since it is limited quantity available either in some of the shops or private sell via facebook, even it is slightly overpriced, you may still want to try at least once.Last price i know of is around RM13 for pack of 4 as of this post.

Where to get?:
Last i know is limited quantity available at GK supermarket at Pujut 3 (The one facing roundabout). Someone is selling them in facebook as well so you might want to hunt around.


dasolve said...

What's your thought?

cync-eatloveplay said...

Last i bought was rm9.90 for 4 packs at GK. It's yumminess is definitely overrated!! But, that could just be my own opinion. Traditional mee maggi kari is still my favourite! :P