BBQ Chicken visit + Latest Promo (August 2018)!!

Name: BBQ Chicken
Location: Imperial Permaisuri Mall Grd Floor

Food type: Korean, Halal

Operating time: TBA

What's special?: Korean style meal served with great quality
Reservation: TBA

Price range: Based on the dish ordered. 

Facebook: TBC

Welcome to the wonderful world of korean cuisine where chicken is made to its perfection in Korean style. Located at the most logistic area at Imperial Permaisuri Mall, this is one of the place probably not to be missed if you are a Korean cuisine fan and fancy with huge variety of food.

Now, with its latest promotion, it gives you a better reason to drop by and visit this place. You have a choice of either having Kimchi Chicken Hot Stone Rice OR Charbroiled Galbi Chicken, together with the choice of Korea tea (Hot or Cold) or any soft drinks they had for only RM15.90. Now that's a great bargain and its available from 11am to 6pm daily, from 1st August 2018:

If you may wonder what is the better choice to enjoy this promotion, let's have a more detail review on each of this dish, thanks to the management who allow us to have first hand review in advance of this promotion before the launching. If you are a fan of kimchi, give it a try on the Kimchi Chicken Hot Stone Rice. Nicely grilled chicken are served on top of steaming hot rice, covered with a layer of seaweed and of course not to be missed Kimchi to complete the serve. The taste? it is quite well mixed i have to say. The taste of kimchi surprise will not overpower the other ingredients in the bowl especially the grilled chicken. All mixed up giving you a taste of lil soury taste with a pinch of spicy flavour and full of seaweed flavour, and of course not to forgot the juciness of the chicken (boneless by the way). I may sound over on this but i quite enjoy this one.

If you prefer to have no rice, which is more westernized, then Charbroiled Galbi Chicken will be the perfect choice for you. Served with nice roasted potatoes alongside with a reasonable portion of vegetables to go along with the juicy grilled chicken. 

That's not all they have though, there are other promotions still ongoing as follows. The difference are on the price, timing and inclusiveness of the sie dishes.

Here are some of the sneak peek of the menu on what they have, ranging from pizzas, salad, milkshakes and a lot more. Surely there should be something for everyone to dine here.

Here are some more photos on the atmosphere and surrounding of the dining place:

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