Damia's Diner

Name: Damia's Diner
Location:Airport Area

Food type: Malay, Halal

Operating time: 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm Sunday, Saturday Off

What's special?: Roti Bom, Mee Goreng Mamak
Reservation: TBC
Price range: Based on the dish ordered. Mostly less than RM10

Here's another chilling place for you. SItuation nearby our Miri International Airport under the building called MCiti Square (Same building as where Open University Malaysia is). It may look like a caferteria concept eatery place but it is definitely not the ordinary cafeteria you have been to. inside is fully air-conditioned with various design seating for everyone. WIfi is provided for every customer and power plugs are everywhere. This place can't go wrong for those who still study and need to enjoy a comfortable, affordable meal while getting their assignments done :) This does not mean it is not beneficial for us who already in the workforce. Some of their highlights are Roti Bom and Mee goreng mamak. Even i am not quite a fan of spicy food but the mee goreng mamak is just nice. Roti is quite well done as well. We got the chance to give a try on nasi goreng pattaya, nasi goreng biasa, nasi lemak biasa and roti canai. a satisfaction meal with a glass of teh tarik in a comfy enviironment. Give it a try on this place who know this may be your new hang around place for a chit chat session with your friends.

Escapade is now open in Miri!

What a great joy for Mirians who just can't have enough Japanese food! Our favourite Escapade has finally open its outlet in Miri located at Tanjong Lobang!

To avoid long queue, it is wise to make your booking DAYS in advance to avoid disappointment! More details coming soon!

Reservation No: 017 897 8898

Hank's Meat and Wine

Name: Hank's Meat and Wine
Location: Pujut 7

Food type: Western, Non-halal

Operating time: Sunday-Thursday (3PM - 12AM), Friday-Saturday (3PM - 1AM) - Effectively 1st Oct 2015

What's special?: Great variety of western cuisine and portion
Reservation: 010 566 0050 by SMS (Name, No of ppl, date, time, indoor or outdoor)

Price range: Based on the dish ordered. 

Facebook: Yes

There's even more reasons to go for great fine dining places. Situated at Pujut 7 new shoplot on the way to Permyjaya, a great place not only for couples, but also for gatherings and family get-together. With great ambient lighting around the place and spacious enough for you to move around, Hank's also offer great dining for you as well. Ranging from chops and italian cuisines, there's always food for different taste buds. This is surely not a disappointment for big eater with great portion size. I would say almost everything is in XL to XXL servings so be prepared for what you ordered! You might consider food sharing as well if you worry you can't finish them.